2018: the turning point

when I turned 28 last October, people warned me that this would be the start of my Saturn Return. I’ve never understood or followed astrology, but I deeply respect several people who do, so I did heed their warning that the years ahead would be difficult, and ultimately lead me to the right path. but […]

housing is safety

over the past month, I’ve provided temporary housing to four people against the wisdom of those close to me. my therapist said to me, “I agree with you that everyone should have housing, but that’s capitalism, and you can’t control that.” it was our first session, so I don’t blame her for not knowing me […]

you’ll be in my heart.

As many folks now know, I lost my little brother Jason to HLH on Friday, June 22nd after a long hospital stay. I anticipate that I’ll be grieving for the rest of my life. My village has been incredibly supportive through this difficult time. Many of my loved ones have asked me how they can […]

building consent culture & ending abuse.

I read about a study once involving three rats and food pellets. In each cage, the rat would be able to pull a lever to get their food pellets. In the first, a food pellet would reliably come out every time the rat pulled the lever. In the second cage, there was no food. In […]

~hi i’m human~

i know that this probably comes as a surprise to a lot of people, but my job is actually not easy, and also i don’t think i do it perfectly. i think i mess up A LOT. i think i sometimes do that human thing of reacting to situations that upset me, except sometimes my […]