Simple fix

Well, this is shitty. I missed most of the debate, and I was actually pretty excited to see it. How did I spend that day? Well, during my lunch break I took my darling’s clothes to the dry cleaners. When I got home, I threw some of his other shirts in the wash. After a long day at work and doing favors for him, I went out and bought beer because we planned on watching the debate together and because he can usually moderate when I’m with him. I ordered the pizza at 8:30, so that it’d be here when he got home at 9:05 or so. He said he had a basketball game — just at the gym about six blocks away — from 8-9pm. Anyway, I started eating and watching the debate without him because he didn’t show up until 9:30. The consensus is that Romney won. From the snippets I’ve seen, that seems pretty accurate. And, from the snippets I’ve seen, he’s won me over. Of course, Obama had an unfair disadvantage. First and foremost, there was the altitude. Next, there’s the fact that he didn’t have a teleprompter. Image I’m also inclined to blame his flawed reasoning and backwards philosophy, but I think the first two sufficiently explain his performance. So, anyway, I missed the whole debate. What was I doing instead? Wrestling a drunken idiot. Apparently, the game had been from 7-8pm. He had planned at least a day in advance to tell me that it was from 8-9pm so that he could squeeze in a quick company-sponsored happy hour from 8-9pm. A foolproof plan. Exceptheforgotthathehasadrinkingproblemandendeduptakingshotsandcamehomedrunkasaskunkstumblinglikeanidiot. If I didn’t love him then I wouldn’t give him so many chances. And, if he loved me then it wouldn’t happen again. So what do I do in the meantime? I don’t know. Whine about it.


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