Turning 23

I had the most perfect birthday, traveling all over the country with some of the people I love the most. I got to see Madonna live in Vegas, I went parasailing, I ate at a Hawaiian luau, and I turned 23. I can’t believe how much has happened over the last year – how many places I’ve visited and people I’ve met. I’m in such a different place now – physically, mentally and emotionally – and I’m happy. Here are the highlights:

“Bang, bang, shot ya dead. Shot my lover in the head.” Madonna put on an incredible performance.
Mike took me to Vegas, booked us a room at the Excalibur and brought me to see Madonna; I owe him the world for making this birthday so spectacular ❤
Jemal had no plans (or funds) to come to Vegas with us, but I asked him to come as a birthday present to me… and he packed a bag and got in the car!
I had a lot of *empowered woman* moments, illustrated by this vulgar Rosy the Riveter ;D
Pete and I snuck into a neighboring hotel’s pool to ride the slide and hang out in a jacuzzi under a waterfall
Our resort was pretty epic, too, though. I owe Pete so much for taking me to Hawaii and showing me an amazing time ❤
Pete and I went parasailing – literally flying over the ocean attached to a boat.
We even went to a real Hawaiian luau where we ate pig and watched fire dancers… and I learned to hula!
We drove around the island in this rented pick-up truck.
It was overall a really wonderful trip… and I took a lot of hawt pictures like this one 🙂

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