My new cause.

When it’s time to leave an alcoholic partner:

1) You are mentally and physically exhausted in dealing with the alcoholic/addict’s out of control behavior.
2) You can no longer trust what the alcoholic/addict says or does.
3) The alcoholic/addict continues to bully, ridicule, disrespect and blames you for their short comings and failures.
4) You are weary of the constant merry-go-round of rehabilitation attempts that don’t seem to stick for long.
5) Realizing that you deserve better.
6) You are no longer fearful of being alone, since you realize that you are already alone, as the alcoholic/addict is living a life apart from you with his or her drug of choice.


One thought on “My new cause.

  1. Seriously, in my case, they should have included five more in addition to the 11 listed in the article:

    A. When they lie to their family to get more money to cover up for or for use toward their habit
    B When they force you to call your family to get money to cover up for their habit
    C. When they sell your valuables to get more money to support their habit
    D. When they pimp active female addicts to get more money to support their habit
    E. When they beat you to get your money to support their habit

    This is a good article for anyone who has been in our situations. I, too, was blamed for his addiction. He used to tell me how I got him started. But, at least in my case I knew it wasn’t true, because I discovered he was a twenty year veteran to the streets, and he really, really loved himself most then his rock immediately behind that.

    All I can say now is good riddance to the drama! You have to have seen my picture on my blog. I am not exactly the “ride or die” type! LOL


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