The Places You Will and Won’t Find Love

You’re not going to find love in a bar. Your love story isn’t going to start with some drunken night and some sleazebag you brought home. You won’t find love on the street. Love doesn’t start with cheesy pick-up lines like, “Can I have your autograph?”

Love is never superficial. It’s never overbearing. It’s always worth the work, but it seems to come naturally.

You won’t find love on a grouper. You might find love on a dating site. But I doubt it. Dating sites are good for rebounds. Dating sites are good for quickly finding someone to talk to you, listen to you, and spend some time with you. It’s a good transitional place, but you don’t find love when you’re looking for it. You can’t force love.

You find love when you’re pursuing your dreams. You find love when you’ve finally become the person you’re meant to be.

We fall in love when we’re young, and if you’ve opted to grow as a unit rather than grow as an individual, then do your thing. But, if you’re going to keep growing and learning and changing then it doesn’t make sense to stop there because you’ll outgrow the love.

When I went back to my freshman year relationship, I believed that everything was going to be the same. We were in love, and we’d always be in love — silly things like time and miles apart weren’t going to change that. Things had changed though. We’d become different people. We’d been leading different lives. And, that’s okay.


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