If life is a party then I am its hostess.

I always feel at home at parties. This is probably why my life is a series of dinner parties, laundry parties, slumber parties, and the like. I’m so out of place behind a desk. But if I must sit behind a desk then I’m happy this is mine. It’s only appropriate. I had kind of an ahmazing weekend. Where do I even begin? Art with a Heart happened on Thursday, and oh em gee, what a smashing success! So successful that it deserves the adjective “smashing” to describe it. For serious. It raised more than any other year, ever: somewhere around $550,000. That included $124K+ from an auction item in which people just pledged donations to Bread, and — the most exciting part of the night — the final auction item (a last-minute add-on that wasn’t even originally included in the program), a dinner with Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck’s character in Argo) sold for $13,000. THIRTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. And, then it turned out that we had a second one to offer. That means $26K, baby birds. #nobigdeal Since this blog is 99% about tooting my own horn, I hear the communications surrounding the event were pretty impressive. Rumor has it, attendees particularly enjoyed the AWAH reminder email. Here’s a copy of my initial draft (“your highness” was regretfully cut in the review process): AWAH reminder email I particularly enjoyed live tweeting the event. Of course, I had no involvement in ticket sales or sponsorships or auction items, which raised, like, all of the money. Toot, toot on events gal Emily Schneider, board member Cynthia Krus, & development director Kristin Valentine’s horns for making all of that impressive stuff happen — as well as our hard-working development interns. But I’m happy to toot my own horn any chance I get (toot), so I’m gonna go back to patting myself on the back for effective event communications. Other favorite part of the night? Hands down, cheerleading and thanking donors with this guy:

He’s sort of my favorite.

My weekend just got better and better as it went on. On Friday, I bar-hopped through Dupont Circle and Foggy Bottom with my friend Luis and a friend who just moved to DC from Cali (people from Cali hate it when I call it Cali; I lived there for like five years, so I’m pretty much a California girl, and I think that means I can get away with it). We almost ended up in a lesbian club that night, but the leather-clad crowd outside in addition to the professional “spanker” (and his set-up sidekick) kind of turned me off to the whole idea. I’ll have to pick up chicks elsewhere. I didn’t get home too late on Friday night because I had to wake up early on Saturday to go on an adventure. I visited Harpers Ferry, which is a cool little historical town in West Virginia that’s home to sites like John Brown’s fort (where abolitionist John Brown led a slave revolt in the mid-1800s).

This is inside John Brown’s fort. Is it the place I’d choose to stage my slave revolt? Nay, but to each his own!
Defending the fort!
Perhaps JB’s revolt would’ve been successful had he been accompanied by this feisty lady! That’s right, I’m saying we could’ve ended slavery six years earlier if I’d been alive in that time period.

I also ate some epic banana pudding/cotton candy/fudge-topped ice cream and drank some delicious home-brewed peach cider. There were lots of museums to browse and a vintage shop where I bought these fabulous cat earrings. The people were kind of unusual — some even wore 19th century-style garb, which I’d typically find adorable except that their social skills suggested that incest/inbreeding was happening in this small town. Regardless, the whole thing was sort of a history major’s wet dream. IMG_0368After Harpers Ferry, I visited a vineyard for a wine tasting. I wasn’t planning on buying wine, but I discovered the most ahmazing BLUEBERRY wine called “Grandma’s Love Potion.” It was perfectly sweet and so unique, so I just couldn’t resist. I absolutely loved it and brought it along with me to Gaithersburg for the best slumber party ever on Earth, where we ate great food, drank great wine, and played MASH and that origami fortune-telling game (turns out I’m gonna have 4 kids, and we’re all moving to NYC!). Then, in the morning, we double-fisted coffee and mimosas while eating a spectacularly heavenly breakfast prepared by our wonderful host, Miss Stephanie.

You’re looking at heaven in a plate: Trader Joe’s apple-smoked bacon, two waffles covered in nutella, and an avocado-covered omelet. What you can’t see? A side of homemade brie with crackers and apple slices dipped in cookie butter (kind of like peanut butter except made with COOKIES, AKA- the delightful invention of a culinary genius).

In other news, I’ve redecorated:

My phone case matches my bedsheets, and they all kind of match my cat.
#nomakeup #littlesleep #stilladorbs

Don’t you love the little kitties dangling from my ears? The best thing about those earrings is that apparently the proceeds are funding some young lady’s education. It’s kind of the best thing ever. P.S. Fun fact: I’ve had “Party in the USA” on repeat all week.pink sink P.P.S. Other things that excite only me: DC’s about to go pink for breast cancer awareness. I’m kicking it off by pinking my sink. That’s right, baby birds. It’s soap that both washes your hands and also fights breast cancer. How’s that for killing saving two birds with one stone?


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