I’d be way more productive if I didn’t spend so much time dancing around my room.

That fact is totally irrelevant for the rest of this post, but I thought it was funny. and it’s true. and it’s also really not worthy of Facebook or Twitter. No one’s going to retweet that. I get it.

Other news? I went to the Orchard on Sunday, and I got to debud some apple trees. OK, so mostly, I was just there taking close-ups of flowers, but apart from that, I debudded apple trees. Most people were getting down and dirty, pulling weeds and planting bushes. I got great pictures of them doing all of that hard work. I even sent out some tweets, but no, I didn’t do any of the dirty work. However, I am getting better at this photography thing.

orchard - apple trees!
Rows of apple trees and volunteers hard at work!
Ready for your glamour shot, girl? Say pollen!

Updates on my love life? I haven’t figured out affection post-abuse. Or, maybe I was never affectionate. I can’t remember. I think all the boys in my life are confused, though. My approach toward affection has been slightly off-center. Mostly, it has consisted of strolling into their apartments and telling them that I hate everything. Everything from the art on the walls to the shows they watch to the fact that they bought that big-screen TV I advised against. Dave sums it up well:


I don’t know what I’m looking for. I think I just want to fall into it though.

We ended up bowling at Lucky Strike on Sunday, where I did probably one of my favorite things I’ve ever done. I signed my check with this new signature I’m trying out — I call it “the Raven.”

raven signature
This resulted from a long string of strange inside jokes. Don’t judge me for under-tipping; I was drunk. However, feel free to judge me for getting drunk on a Sunday night. And for signing my check with a sketch of a bird. A poor sketch.

Last, but not least: kitty updates! I finally scheduled an appointment to get Lucy spayed. She’s not a huge fan of the idea:

 Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 2.15.44 PM

Bye bye, crazy kitty.

OK, time to be productive!


One thought on “I’d be way more productive if I didn’t spend so much time dancing around my room.

  1. You are not one of those people who are all business. LOL Dancing around your room can actually help make you more productive than if you tried to keep hammering away at whatever task you were working on. It gives your mind a chance to relax, so dance around your room if that’s what makes your heart sing. Without or without music.

    The affection thing. Huh. That is a little more tricky. I have no easy answers stashed for that one. I think when the right amount of time has passed, it may move back toward the middle a little. Could it be that maybe you weren’t as affectionate before the abuse? Sure, but I didn’t know you, so I can’t say for sure. If you really want an honest answer to that question, ask someone you were close to. They can give you feedback on that for sure.

    I say affection is tricky after what you went through, because it involves vulnerability and trusting that someone won’t take advantage of that. For a while, at least, you are going to be off-keel. Some have an easier time than others when it comes to reconciling everything. Abuse is hard to work through on so many levels, because you were violated so deeply, so close to home.

    If you try to search it out, it will elude you. So let it happen when it’s time.


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