my raven

I didn’t see the floor crumble,
if I was falling, it was subtle.

two months, I lived on a cloud;
it felt sturdy as a boulder.
I was steady, stern, and proud,
floating on denial’s shoulder.

you’re still gone, and I’m okay,
but the day is coming closer
when I will come face to face
with the fact your life is over.

and I’ll see you, nevermore;
they say distance makes the heart grow fonder.
I will see you, nevermore,
I thought lifetimes lasted longer.

I didn’t feel the earth shatter,
but now I’m falling, falling faster.

minutes, tiles, letters, days;
my heart will never beat the same,
if only yours had never faltered,
you’d still walk me to the altar.

and I regret not having stayed,
to spend with you your dying days.
when your heart stopped, so did mine,
I keep busy just to pass the time,
but I can’t go on without you.

hm, that’s not much of an ending, but that’s all I really have to say right now.

it’s edgar allan poe-inspired, just because I lost my Raven. service is coming up. I’m dreading it. sometimes Bob Dylan songs just kill me these days. I’m listening to The Beatles a lot, too. I’m supposed to be hanging out with the mayor right now. I’m gonna do my makeup. I don’t wanna, but I’ve gotta get out.

here’s me and kerry performing “I got you, babe” at 14 below.

asdfadosifklfsjakrlsmdcfeabnje. stop being dead, man.


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