Baby, I’ll give you everything you need.

Assuming that what you need is an egg sandwich, some blueberries, Greek yogurt with granola, and a cup of chocolate (calcium infused soy)milk because I love you.

I also got a new night job! I’m officially a hostess at a bar/restaurant in the Dupont area. I can finally say I have restaurant experience!

Aaand as I was walking to my very first shift, I found a pile of old vinyls that some fool was trying to throw away. I’ve found that picking things up off the street is the best way to expand my record collection; thus, I carried a set f new (/old?) vinyls to my first shift at the restaurant. It’s okay; they accept me.

It’s been a great couple of weeks (minus what I assume to be pregnancy rhinitis… or lung cancer). I never knew it’d feel so good to come out! 😀 Thanks to everyone who has been so incredibly supportive and helpful and wonderful!

And hey, I’m already halfway through. Easiest pregnancy ever.

I’m so glad I can finally speak freely about this. Weirdest thing, and I do this every time I take a trip (I’ll be on my way to a new city and then get sad about having to leave before I ever even get there), but I started missing my baby last night. I was imagining him away at summer camp, and I got really sad. And then I’m like HEYWAIT I don’t even have a child yet. And he’s not old enough for camp. And how is this even a thought of mine at this point??


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