Happy with my baby. Happy with my body.

Ten days into motherhood: It’s nothing like what I expected. I guess there’s no way to fully prepare. No matter how many books and articles you read, no matter how many classes you attend, you’ll still find yourself googling things like “how can you tell if your baby is deaf?” and “newborn always gets the hiccups.”

I was in labor for over 50 hours before my beautiful babe finally emerged. Every day with him has been wonderful. Simple, almost surreal and just wonderful.

He leads a simple life: eat, poop, sleep. He’s currently doing two of those things at once. And, based on the way his eyelids keep drooping over his beautiful blue eyes, he seems to be attempting the third, simultaneously. Pretty impressive.

We’re on house arrest until he gets his vaccinations. Ironically, we’re only allowed to go out to doctor’s appointments. You know, where there are sick people. I have no complaints though. It happens to be the best month to be on house arrest. I have no interest in looking out the window, but I’ve heard that it has snowed multiple times and that it’s just been generally cold. My midwife told me that I can take him for a walk down the street if I get stir-crazy, but I don’t even have any interest in walking out to the mailbox.

And when it came to losing the pregnancy weight? Breastfeeding FTW.Photo on 2-6-14 at 11.19 AM #2Soooo, in summary, everything is wonderful, and life is perfect.


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