Motherhood is
learning to be ambidextrous.
doing laundry every day.
waking up every hour of the night.
finding clever ways to soothe crying,
like Vanilla Ice and the Spice Girls.
looking away for a second to grab a fresh diaper and realizing that, in that time, everything around you has been covered in pee.
including yourself.
showering with a bouncer in the bathroom and a playlist of lullabies.
heating up the water for your oatmeal three times,
and then eating cold oatmeal in the end anyway.
filing his nails every few days,
that’s right: regular baby manicures,
so he won’t scratch his face.
messing with your sleeping baby,
just to make sure he’s still breathing.

It’s watching him sleep and thinking to yourself,
“How did I get to be so lucky?”
what did I do so right to earn the privilege of mothering someone so perfect
as you ❤

max and momma


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