Today has been SUCH an incredible day. Max has reached SO MANY milestones in the last 24 hours, I can’t believe that he’s the little boy who, just five weeks ago, used to sleep in the fetal position, totally unaware that he no longer had 24-hour access to womb service:

Fetus Maximus

But I’m overwhelming my Facebook friends with these posts (they say I’m not, but I really am), so I needed another outlet.

First and foremost, Max took his fourth bath today. I know that’s not much of a milestone, but he’s starting to get the hang of it – and so am I – and I think he really likes being in the water now.

AFTERWARDS, this happened.

A REAL SMILE. A REAL, BIG, BEAUTIFUL SMILE (and yes, you can just watch that on loop!). I wasn’t expecting one of those for another month or so, but what can I say? I have the happiest baby on the block.

Besides that, I finally got my breast pump assembled, and I pumped today, and VOILA:

SUPERBABY DRINKS OUT OF A BOTTLE! er, like every other baby ever.

Now you understand why I couldn’t keep posting this stuff on Facebook. I am thoroughly impressed by his every move though.

The bottle thing is huge because it means that he doesn’t have to ALWAYS be with me — not that I mind him always being with me; I enjoy every second of the little guy. But I do want to gradually help him become more independent and form relationships with people who aren’t me (mostly because I keep imagining myself dying).

I visited his daycare yesterday, and I’m actually excited about giving him the opportunity to be around other babies and other caregivers. It’s close to home and close to work, and I’ll probably spend almost every lunch break with him, but it means he’ll be able to bond with other adults. When I look back at my childhood, I feel like that was one of the (many) things missing: I felt isolated. There was never a close family member or family friend that I could trust, turn to, and confide in or look to for guidance. I think everyone needs that because parents aren’t always reasonable, and LORDDD KNOWSSS mine were not. I want the little guy to grow up feeling comfortable with calling up Uncle Obi and Aunt Priscilla and saying, “haaaay, my mom’s being annoying.” Kids need that, I think.

So, that was my big, wild, exciting day. I washed a baby, fed a baby, and caught a baby smiling on camera. Highly productive, I know, but god, I’ve never been happier, and I don’t really know how I lived before without him.


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