Max got into the daycare I wanted!


The daycare game can be rough. I’d pretty much resigned myself to one daycare center in my neighborhood, even though I was a little concerned about sick kids and the teacher-baby ratio, but on a whim, I tried again with a center that had already essentially rejected me, and we got in!

The problem with most centers is that there’s a maximum number of kids that they’re licensed to take and so they’d rather fill those slots with full-time kiddos rather than part-timers like #BabyMax (yeah, I still sometimes hashtag my son’s name). Early in my pregnancy, they said that they were experimenting with a part-time baby and that they’d let me know how it worked out, but I called again after Max was born and they said it did not in fact work out. BUT THEN! #BabyTuesdayThursday came in and saved the day. I had called a few times, hoping to get an orientation anyway, just in case a part-time slot did open up, and when I had aaalmost given up, I called again yesterday and found out that they had accepted another part-time kiddo who could share a slot with Max.

The downside, of course, is that this center is twice the cost of the other one. But can you really put a price tag on the care of your legacy? And did I really need insurance on my cell phone?

I’m still looking for other places to cut, and I’m considering picking up hours at Maddy’s again, but I think it’s all worthwhile. I’d rather live a very modest life and make sure my baby receives the best care he can get.

So that was the highlight of my day! Besides finding out that Max is now a whopping twelve pounds (that’s SO MANY POUNDS). And he’s working on tacking on some more: he’s in the middle of a growth spurt, and he’s been eating just about every hour (except at night! #Superbaby sleeps through the night!). My arms are getting super-toned lifting him all the time though. I’ve been eating a ton and drinking 4 million bottles of water/day just to try to keep up with him.

Separately? I’m now reading a book that’s not a parenting book. Because I’m still a person, too. As I overload my instagram with pictures of Max (I was in there once a few weeks ago…holding him), I’m realizing that I’m eventually going to have to return to a life that’s more than just being Max’s mom — starting with going back to work. It’s not terrible, and I think I’m definitely ready to work again, but the best part about it is that I’m not feeling so career-obsessed anymore. Of course I do still want a job that’s going somewhere, but for the first time in my life, I’m happy to achieve a work-life balance. Ever since high school, I focused on school/work like nothing else existed in the world, and I think the obsession was based on an attempt to fill a void.

I’ll become focused on my career again at some point, and I don’t think that I’ll fall too far behind.


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