Day Sixtyish

I came up with a new strategy for finding recipe ideas (besides becoming one of those people who buys cooking magazines while waiting in line at the supermarket – if you were wondering who buys those, MMHMM THIS LADY). Now I just start typing ingredients from my cupboards into the Google and see what pops out. Tonight, this led me to cook up an ahmazing lemon tilapia pasta (okay, I replaced the pasta with mac ‘n cheese), and it was SODALICIOUS. I just soaked the fish in salt, pepper, oregano, basil, and lemon juice, fried it, and plopped it on top of my Velveeta mac ‘n cheese. #stayclassy I also put a down payment on Max’s daycare. It’s crazy expensive. Things are going to be tight, but I’m coming up with ways to make it work. On the bright side, kids start school at age three in DC. In other news, happy Day 60!


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