just a little bit caught in the middle.

My breast pump sounds just like a windshield wiper.

On an unrelated note, sometimes I wonder why it’s easier for me to erase people from my memory than it is for me to talk to them about what’s wrong.

Max met Max at daycare today.


He was pretty impressed with what he saw.

I like the way his teachers look at him, like they love him. It’s a nice reminder that he’s not just my baby but a human being who goes around winning hearts when I’m not around. I try not to think too much about dying, and my primary daily goal is to not die, but I also feel confident that, if a day comes when I don’t achieve that goal, he has a lot of people who love him and he’ll be okay.

I should stop spending so much time at his daycare.

I’m so insecure sometimes. I am constantly concerned about what people are thinking. Even if it’s nothing. Even if there’s no reason to believe that it’s something. I can’t help it.

At the same time, things would be easier if people could just be nice.

Just be nice.


2 thoughts on “just a little bit caught in the middle.

  1. Aww Mamabear! You’re having separation withdrawal issues. It’s NORMAL. Don’t worry, you’re doing a FABULOSO job, keep it up!

    On that note, I better have my newsfeed filled with pics of Max this weekend. ❤ ❤ Don't stress, Mamabear.


    1. you’re so sweet! thanks for the pep talk! I’ve set a goal to start trying to give him more space once he’s six months old, but for now he’s going to have to deal with me always being around.

      and you suuuure will be seeing more of him 🙂


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