This is my friend, @ruthsjkang.

ruthsjkangs tumblr

Every few months, I stalk the hell out of her and find new things to love about her. I find new evidence that she’s one of the most amazing, thoughtful, kind, beautiful human beings who has ever come into my life. Things like this blog post — which brightened my day and touched my heart…and says so much more about her than it does about me.

Ruth is someone who’s endlessly positive. She sees the good in everyone, and she shines a light on your goodness and inspires you to be better — to live up to the wonderful person she seems to think you are. She’s hilarious. She’s beautiful. She spends a questionable amount of time with her sassy elderly neighbor. I also happen to know that she really, really likes Dental Plus Tarzana. (This girl’s so good she makes you want to see a dentist while you’re on vacation; she’ll even help you get a great deal.) She’s just a wonderful human being.

When she first came to the Coalition, we were all blown away by this smiley and cheerful badass fundraiser. It broke Kerry’s heart when she told him she was only available in the evenings, and shortly after she made staff, we lost her to the dark side of the force — the door team. I was fortunate enough to see her out and about on a few special occasions that usually involved tacos, nachos, or dance floors. And every time I got to introduce one of my friends to her, I was so excited because this girl THIS GIRL is the real deal. She’s someone I admire so much for her relentless positivity and her kind, loving, beautiful spirit. Everyone should have someone like Ruth Kang in their lives. Everyone should be more like Ruth Kang.

You’re amazing, Ruth. I’m so happy to know you.


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