Everything in life is more fun with babies.

It’s been about a week since I wrote my “I hate DC and I have to leave” post. Just enough time for me to realize that I love it here, and I don’t want to leave for a very long time.

When I travel, I fall in love, and when I fall in love, I get excited, and when I get excited, I leap. And I usually forget to look back.

DC is home. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been in this apartment longer than I’ve ever lived in any place in over ten years. Maybe it’s the fact that I started my family in this place. I feel so at home here. I’m happy here. I can’t imagine leaving. Not even for sunshine.

As much as I usually hate every season that’s not summer, things are different this year. I’ve been so excited about fall, and I’m even sort of looking forward to winter, in a way, kinda. Not because I suddenly love snow, but I’m excited to experience it for the first time with Max — and to be with him while he experiences it all for the first time ever. What I’m finding is that I’m happy everywhere I go with Max; he is home. And everything in life is just more fun with babies.

Halloween isn’t even here yet, but we’ve had a blast this weekend.

First off, I finally got to put together the Halloween costume I’ve been waiting for all my life:

Jareth the Goblin King and Toby the stolen baby
In 9 hours and 23 minutes, you’ll be mine.

We also learned how to carve pumpkins! We even made them baby-themed.

IMG_5389 IMG_5401

Aaand, Max embraced his inner rock star:

It’s been a fun weekend. It’s been a fun month. It’s been a fun year. Everything in life is more fun with babies.


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