My new couch.

My new couch is actually someone’s old couch that I found down R Street a few months ago with a sign that said “FREE COUCH – BONUS: NO BED BUGS.”

Vince helped me carry it up the street, and then some guys we met helped detach my door so we could bring it inside.

It sat, unused and sort of frumpy-looking, in my empty room — also known as the oversized closet — until today when I moved it out into my main living space and gave it a makeover.


It started because I have all these zebra print sheets and blankets that I’ve probably outgrown. I’ve been spring cleaning, and I couldn’t decide if it was even justifiable for me to keep holding onto these weird, teen-aged bedroom style sheets. But I hated how that frumpy couch looked, and I also hate throwing things away. I’d much rather find new uses for them.


I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the fitted sheet in half and then fitted each half-sheet over the arms of the couch.


I covered the pillows with a zebra print blanket (why do I have so much zebra print?)


Then I just popped my zebra print pillow cases onto the couch cushions and folded one side in — and VOILA! My new couch.


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