~hi i’m human~

i know that this probably comes as a surprise to a lot of people, but my job is actually not easy, and also i don’t think i do it perfectly. i think i mess up A LOT. i think i sometimes do that human thing of reacting to situations that upset me, except sometimes my reactions end up in the news.

i try as hard as i can to do everything well, and i can’t, and i’m sorry, and the best thing that you can do is give me feedback, and encourage me when i’m making changes that are in kind of the right direction, and keep giving me feedback, and be honest, and sometimes help me out.

my intentions are good. i’m still a human being trying to navigate a lot of new, complicated, confusing things. and i need help. and i need support. and i need to be trusted sometimes. and i need to have freedom sometimes. and i need to be called out. and i need to be held accountable. and i need to know that i have a few people who will be in my corner regardless of how badly i mess things up.

anyway byeeeee




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